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Industrial High Pressure Water Cleaners

Jetwave’s comprehensive range of high pressure industrial water cleaners are superior in quality and performance. Our comprehensive range of high pressure machines are designed to deliver the best cleaning solution for our customer’s needs as they encapsulate standout features and benefits that are a cut above the rest.

Hot & Cold, Electric, Petrol, Diesel High Pressure Water Cleaners

Within our diverse range of hot and cold petrol, diesel and electric driven units, with pressures from 1000 psi up to 8000 psi and water flow rates from 7 up to 200 litres per minute. You can be assured that there is a model to perfectly fit your industry application and requirements for the most effective cleaning outcome.

Jetwave will Purpose Build a Customised Pressure Cleaning Solution

In the event that our equipment in the standard product lines does not meet your needs we can customise a design driven by your specific requirements. Take a look at our Purpose Built page or contact Jetwave today to discuss your high pressure washer cleaning requirements.

Cold Water Electric Driven - Cold Water Petrol Driven - Cold Water Diesel Driven
Hot Water Electric Driven - Hot Water Petrol Driven - High Temperature Range - Hot Water Diesel Driven

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